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Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band from Falun, formed in 1999. Members have included Joakim Brodén, Pär Sundström, Chris Rörland, Hannes van Dahl, Tommy Johansson, Oskar Montelius, Rikard Sundén, Richard Larsson, Daniel Mullback, Daniel Mÿhr, Robban Bäck and Thobbe Englund. Discography includes: Primo Victoria (2005), Attero Dominatus (2006), Metalizer (2007), The Art of War (2008), Coat of Arms (2010), Carolus Rex (2012), Heroes (2014) and The Last Stand (2016). Tours include: Academy in the UK, BT London Live 2012, Earth Day Festival, Guilfest 2012, Here we go love, I Just Can't Stop It, International Ska Fest, Lost 80's Live, Oracle Open World 2011, Rebellion Festival, Retro Futura Tour 2017, Richard Blade's Farewell Concert (KROQ), Rockin' The Colonies, special beat service, Special Beat Service Tour, Taking Back the Colonies Tour, The English Beat/Reel Big Fish Summer Tour, Two Beats Hearting as One, Two Beats Tour and Zenyatta Mondatta Tour.

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