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KISS Authentic Demon Destroyer Costume

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Authentic Demon Destroyer Adult Costume With Jumpsuit, Choker, Chest Armor, Arm Armor, Cape & Cod Piece

Adult Size Chart

Men's T-shirts/Sweatshirts (done in INCHES)
Small 34-36 27
Medium 38-40 28 1/2
Large 42-44 29 1/2
X-Large 46-48 31
XX-Large 50-52 32
XXX-Large 54-56 33 1/2
XXXX-Large 58-60 34 1/2
Girls Jr/Youth Sizes
Our SizeGirls Jr SizeYouth's Size
Small 3/4   30 inches 6-8   30 inches
Medium 5/6   32 inches 10-12   34 inches
Large 7/8   33 inches 14-16   36 inches
X-Large 9/10   34 inches 18-20   38 inches
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Children Size Chart

Infant sizes
Dimension/SizeNB0-3 mo3-6 mo6-9 mo9-12 mo18 mo24 mo
Weight 5–8 lb 8–12½ lb 12½–16½ lb 16½-20½ 20½–24½ lb 24½–27½ lb 27½–30 lb
Height less than 21½ in 21½–24 in 24–26½ in 26½–28½ in 28½–30½ in 30½–32½ in 32½–34 in.
Toddlers' sizes
Chest 18.5 19 19.5 20 20.5
Waist 17 17.5 18 19.5 20
Height 28 31 34 37 40
Finished dress length 14 15 16 17 18

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Additional Information

This Demon Destroyer authentic adult costume includes a jumpsuit, armor, choker, cape, and cod piece. The short-sleeve jumpsuit is plain black and has a wide collar for the armor, and easily zips down the front. The jumpsuit pant legs have an elastic loop at the bottom to secure to your boots, keeping the jumpsuit tight all night. There are large Velcro squares on the front and back of the waist for the cod piece to attach. The rubber armor really sets this costume apart. The armor is painted to look like genuine metal, and features details such as molded rivets and buckles. The shoulders have large spikes, and the armor attaches to the torso with two long, adjustable Velcro straps. The black wrist sleeves have holes for the fingers and thumb, and show off one prominent spike on top of the hand. The arm armor comes in two pieces, for the forearm and upper arm. These rubber gauntlets look like metal, and feature thick spikes. The pleather bat wings have shiny metal buttons in 4 rows leading down to the scalloped edge. The cape attaches to the arms and back with buttons. The choker is made of faux leather, and is lined with three rows of metal studs. The choker easily Velcros around the neck. The faux leather cod piece come in two pieces. These Velcro and strap together from the sides and front to back. Both pieces have an assortment of large and small metal buttons, and the cod piece itself is padded for extra bulk.

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