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Crowbar is an American heavy metal band formed in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1988. MEMbers include; Kirk Windstein, Matthew Brunson, Tommy Buckley, Todd Strange, Jeff Golden, Craig Nunenmacher, Steve Gibb, Kevin Noonan, Matt Thomas, Jimmy Bower, Sammy Duet, Tony Costanza, Rex Brown, Pat Bruders. Discography includes; Obedience Thru Suffering (September 26, 1991, Pavement Music), Crowbar (October 12, 1993, Pavement Music), Time Heals Nothing (May 23, 1995, Pavement Music), Broken Glass (October 29, 1996, Pavement Music), Odd Fellows Rest (July 7, 1998, Mayhem Records), Equilibrium (March 7, 2000, Spitfire Records), Sonic Excess in its Purest Form (August 8, 2001, Spitfire Records), Lifesblood for the Downtrodden (February 8, 2005, Candlelight Records), Sever the Wicked Hand (February 8, 2011, E1 Music), Symmetry in Black (May 26, 2014, Century Media Records), The Serpent Only Lies (October 28, 2016, E1 Music), Tours include; Broken Glass 20th Anniversary Tour, Carved Into Stone, Diatribes Tour, European Tour 2010, Full of Hate Easterfestivals, Metal Alliance Tour 2017, Metalliance 2011, One Foot in the Grave Tour 2016, Risen, Rock Hard X-mas Festivals Pt. II, Stillborn Fest 2006, Stonebreakers & Hellraisers, Summer of Doom, Symmetry in Black, Symmetry In Black North American Tour 2014, The Killith Fair, The Serpent Only Lies, The South Shall Rise Again Tour 2000,Time Heals Nothing.

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