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Queensryche is an American heavy metal band, formed in 1982. Members have included Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton, Parker Lundgren, Todd La Torre, Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate, Kelly Gray and Mike Stone. Discography includes: The Warning (1984), Rage for Order (1986), Operation: Mindcrime (1988), Empire (1990), Promised Land (1994), Hear in the Now Frontier (1997), Q2K (1999), Tribe (2003), Operation: Mindcrime II (2006), Take Cover (2007), American Soldier (2009), Dedicated to Chaos (2011), Frequency Unknown (2013), Queensr�che (2013) and Condition H�man (2015). Tours include: 2005 Summer Tour, 2007/2008 Tour, 2015 Tour, 30th Anniversary, American Soldier, An Evening With Queensr�che, Animalize Tour, Best Of Tour, Building Empires, Condition H�man, Electric Shockwave, Fall 1997 South American Tour, Greatest Hits, Journey to the Now Frontier, Live Evolution, Monsters of Rock 1991, Operation: Mindcrime, Operation: Mindcrime II, Queensr�che Cabaret, Rage For Order, Return to History, Take Cover , The Art of Live, The EP, The Road to the Promised Land, The Warning and Tribe.

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